Regrow Hair Clinics Lash & Brow Growth Serum 4ml

THIS IS FOR: Women who want sexy lashes and brows without the nasty side effects of prostaglandins (growth hormones) or the damage of lash extensions. They want to be able look their friends in their eye and say – “Yes, they are real!”. If you are a lash extension kind of gal, don’t worry, this serum will strengthen your natural lashes helping them to hold the extension better.

Our serum is bursting with high grade, natural, active ingredients including Australian botanical White Cypress. It also includes high quality DHT blockers which help to stop you losing your lashes. Depending on your age and health you should see results between 3 – 6 months.

Hero Ingredients: Gingko biloba, Native White Cypress, Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Oxygenated Rain-Water, Biotin
Firstly, remove any contact lenses and thoroughly clean any makeup from your eyes and brows as the serum will penetrate more easily on clean skin. You can use it either in the morning or at night. You can even use it twice a day to get those lashes really pumping. Then you can cut back to once per day. We suggest doing it in the evening as part of your bedtime routine so it has time to do its job overnight. If you prefer the morning, you can still apply before makeup after the serum has dried.

The Brows
After dipping the brush in the serum, wipe one side of the brush on the side of the bottle then swipe over your eyebrow from the centre to the tip of the brow. Do both brows then, using a clean finger, massage the serum into your brow area. Don’t worry if you get a small amount where you don’t want the brow to grow. It will only grow where it has the potential to grow. You will not suddenly have a hairy forehead.

The Lashes
Wipe the tip of the brush on both sides against the bottle to ensure you only have a small amount of serum. Holding your eyelid taught with one hand, swipe over your top lash from outside to the centre of lashes. No need to put it on your bottom lashes, the serum will end up there during the night anyway. Ta Daaaa! Super simple!

You might experience a slight itching when you first start using the Lash and Brow Serum. Please note that this is a good thing, it is a sign that the serum has started to work its magic. It will settle down over time. If, however you experience redness, sore or excessive itching, discontinue use.

Important Stuff
Always a good idea to test a drop on your wrist first to ensure no reactions before applying anything close to your eyes.
Also, as tempting as it is to pour the serum in large quantities over your lashes, we highly recommend that less is more here. Our serum is highly concentrated, so you only need a small amount.
If serum gets into your eyes, use a wet cloth to wipe your eye, or flush with water.

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