I have always been drawn to the healing properties that abound in nature.

After studying Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy, I found that even with all this training it was a struggle to decipher which health products were actually healthy. Marketing strategies have become so good, even products that can be detrimental to your health can be promoted as ‘healthy’.

That’s why I created Wild Health and Wellness.

I wanted to create a platform to cut through the noise and bring information to you that is easy to understand, and products that have been researched and assessed in line with our values. I want to use my knowledge to help you choose products that make a difference to you and the world we live in.

Our values are focussed on bringing you products that are free from nasty chemicals, environmentally friendly, sustainable, Australian made and cruelty free. We want you to experience the simple luxury of great products at affordable prices.