Raw Medicine Magnesium Oil Calm Kids 200ml Spray

Calm Kids is a topical magnesium oil spray that may help with all the disruptive symptoms of magnesium deficiency in children. 200ml glass bottle with a strong trigger spray with a leak lock. 
May benefit the following:

  • Anxiety, stress & fatigue
  • Improved rest & sleep
  • Joint & muscle pain & fatigue
  • Cramps, headaches, mood
  • Magnesium deficiency
Magnesium chloride, Purified H2O
HOW TO USE:  Spray magnesium oil directly onto the skin and gently rub it in for a great transdermal magnesium source. Spray on feet & stomach at bedtime or pour 50ml into a warm foot spa & soak for 30min.

Try this guide for age groups:
3 months - 1yr: 1-2 sprays 
1-3yrs: 3-5 sprays 
3yrs +: 5+ sprays

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