Gem On-The-Go Floss Picks Tin x 30 Pack


These eco floss picks are 100% vegan, 98% biodegradable and will help you reach that 40% of your tooth’s surface your brush can't reach.

*All Gem products are free of the Nasty Nine, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS.


The floss handle is made from PLA derived corn and can be composted. How to dispose? Commercial composting is recommended as they have the best conditions required for the corn starch to breakdown quickly (usually within 3-6 months). Remove the floss thread from the handle and dispose of with your usual household rubbish (we suggest using scissors to cut it off). Our peachy tin is the ultimate on-the-go storage vault for small essentials. Keeping our packaging versatile, sustainable and ergonomically friendly is paramount to us. Please reuse!

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