EnviroClean Plant Based Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Plant-based cleaner that's tough on germs for spotless results. Suitable for porcelain and ceramic toilets as it doesn't contain corrosive chemicals.

Free from phosphates, chlorine and ammonia.

100% vegan, Concentrated, Grey water safe, Palm oil free, No SLS/SLES.

Purified Water, Carboxylic Acid/s (Natural & Biological), Quaternium Compound, Citrus Extract (disinfectant).

How to use me:
Clean any matter from the toilet bowl with a brush & flush.
Remove cap & direct nozzle under the toilet bowl rim & squeeze bottle gently covering whole bowl under the rim.
Leave for 10-15 minutes before using a brush to ensure any stubborn stains are removed.
Flush to leave bowl sparkling clean.

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